Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes Amazon reviewers can sum up Celtic Treasure better than I can!

5.0 out of 5 starsInspires us with the lives and spirituality of the Celtic saints 11 Sep 2009
Nick Wilson *****
This is a fascinating and inspiring book at so many levels. The photography is stunning, with images from the islands of Iona and Lindisfarne as well as more everyday views of creation. But it is the way the author describes each of the Celtic saints, draws out the common themes and applies them to today which is most powerful. She sets the context - the Roman influenced church had been proscriptive and compartmentalised. But as that empire drew to a close the Celtic spirituality, with its emphasis on the spiritual being integral to all aspects of life, was able to spread with the Celts as they set up new communities. She describes each of the saints and draws on their lives and writing; all were flawed (St Columba being banished from Ireland because of his temper) but were used powerfully by God and their influence continues. She talks about the 'thin places', often remote, natural places where where God's presence was most easily sensed. And she draws on aspects of Celtic spirituality; prayer as part of everyday life, celebrating creativity not as an object of worship but something for which God should be praised, community and the 'rule of life' still binding together dispersed communities such as the Northumbria Community and hospitality, welcoming and caring for the stranger.

Celtic Treasure explains how to connect with a time and way of life which in some ways can seem out-dated. But what shines through is how the ancient Celts were in touch with creation, with each other and with their creator, and how their spirituality permeated everything they did. Be inspired to draw on their way of life.

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