Friday, September 4, 2009

Delighted folk like Celtic Treasure in the States too.

Treasured Jewelby Gigifal

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August 31, 2009: Celtic Spirituality is a treasured jewel for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey following the pathways of ancient traditions and wisdom gleaned by the Celts. UK author, Liz Babbs, inspires her readers with new insights into the value of such disciplines as hospitality, prayer and solitude, creativity and celebration of life that sustained pilgrims throughout the ages. This book shares the same sensitivity found in her other books, spoken as encouragement from a dear friend. The illustrations bring the words to life and will carry you directly to the Emerald Isle. Whether you are looking for a loving gift to give a friend or a beautiful book for your bedside, Celtic Treasure is your answer.

A Real Treasureby PacJac

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August 31, 2009: Informative and inspiring, Liz Babbs, Celtic Treasure, gives the reader a peek into the ancient Celtic lifestyle and unearths spiritual treasures that will refreshen and inspire the reader to greater heights.

A great book for the bedside or as a devotion to jumpstart the day. I recommend this book to those with a thirsty soul, those who have grown weary, or those looking for treasure.

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