Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Loving the poor

The Celts saw Christ as a champion of the poor and downcast and this was modelled in their care for the poor, as can be seen in this poem taken from the Celtic Fire - An Anthology of Celtic Christian Literature by Robert Van do Weyer:

Remember the Poor
Remember the poor when you look out on fields you own, on your plump cows grazing.
Remember the poor when you look into you barn, at the abundance of your harvest.
Remember the poor when the wind howls and the rain falls, as you sit warm and dry in your house.
The cows have grass to eat, the rabbits have burrows for shelter, the birds have warm nests.
But the poor have no food except what you feed them, no shelter except your house when you welcome them, no warmth except your glowing fire.

I wonder what the modern day equivalent of this prayer might be.

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