Monday, September 14, 2009

The Coracle and The Unknown Journey

Next weekend Monos - a centre for the study of monastic culture and spirituality, is offering a coracle making weekend at the monastery, Mount Saint Bernard Abbey. It sounds like a wonderful monastic mix of prayer and manual work with each person going home with their very own coracle at the end of the weekend. I think it's a brilliant idea and would loved to have joined them, thought I'm not sure I have room for a coracle in my house.

The theme of the weekend is The Unknown Journey, which is seen as a motif for Christian living. There will be plenty of sharing about the Irish monks and their travels. These monks took to the open seas, risking everything and trusted that wherever the wind blew them, the Holy Spirit was leading them. They then set up community wherever they landed caring for those around them. It was an unknown journey, and one requiring complete surrender and trust in God.

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