Monday, October 26, 2009

Beautiful Celtic-style prayer to bless your day

I love this beautiful prayer that David Cole has just posted on the Celtic Christian Spirituality Facebook page. So I thought I'd share it with you here. If you have prayers written in the Celtic-style, do send them to me and I'll share them.

May you know the strength of the Spirit as you walk today
May you know the peace of the Spirit as you rest today
May you know the power of the Spirit as you seek change today
May you know the source of the Spirit as you grow today.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Celtic Treasure Photo competition

I've seen some very amusing photos of folk reading my book in America and so I'm holding a competition for the funniest photo. And yes, there will be a prize. I'm just wondering what Keltic Ken is hiding behind his Celtic Treasure!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hear Me on Cross Rhythms Radio and American Internet Radio KDRU

Here is the link below of my interviews on Celtic Treasure. The Cross Rhythms interview is just 5 minutes long and is voiced over Iona's beautiful instrumental, Luke the Calf from the Book of Kells.
The second interview is my first US radio interview and last around 40 minutes. I was interviewed by Ken for KRDU Radio, California.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Desert Island Celtic books!

If you were marooned on a desert island and were only allowed to take one Celtic book, plus your Bible, which one would it be?
You'll see my selection, though I cheated and had two in my previous blog! But if I had to chose just one, it would be Celtic Daily Prayer by the Northumbria Community because it is so rich and varied and would sustain me for years.

Quaker Abbey chose Celtic Daily Prayer, but I like Pastor Chris Monroe's response here:
"That's easy to answer! It's the one that's held together with duct tape because I take it everywhere Celtic Daily Prayer. You can see my interview with Pastor Chris on Celtic Christianity by visiting his DesertFather blog.
Keltic Ken chose my book! Here's his response:
"Celtic Treasure - It points me to Christ, features scripture and original prose...and, the lovely photographs will be a welcome change from the same old scenery on that desert island!!!"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Favourite Celtic Christian books - join in the conversation

These books are my top desert island choices. If I were only allowed 2 Celtic books on my desert island, these are the two I'd chose. I love many others, of course, and many of them are listed in the choices below:
Quaker Abbey
Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community
with Introduction by Richard Foster.
James C. Elliott
"The Celtic Way of Prayer: The Recovery of the Religious Imagination", by Esther De Waal I re-read it every Lenten season.
My wife uses the Northumbria Daily and Night Prayer (when we got them, they were in two volumes), I use the Glenstal Abbey Prayer Book and the one put out by the St. Aidan Trust, USA, an order she and I are both contemplating joining, and a companion to the Order of Aidan and Hilda, connected with Ray Simpson!
Wes Connell Just finished "The Path of Celtic Prayer
by one of my favorite authors - Calvin Miller. Good Stuff, the chapter on Lorica Prayer was exceptionally good.
I am going to be starting a small group discussion on the book "The Celtic Way of Evangelism" by G
Hunter who I met at a conference a few years ago. He is good friends with Ray Simpson and suggested I visit the Lindisfarne community if I ever get a chance. He says they are living out authentic Celtic Christianity daily.
Madeline Cotter
I mainly read Ray Simpson's books, '
Pilgrim Way',' Celtic Daily Light','High Street Monasteries' and others. I have read some of Esther de Waal, at present I am reading 'The Story of Holy Island' Kate Tristram's new book.
For daily prayer I use the 4 Celtic Prayer books by Ray Simpson and a very useful hand book 'Prayer Rythms for Busy People', also by Ray Simpson, the Guardian of the Community of Aidan & Hilda, to which I am pleased to be a member.
Viv Neville
A Celtic PsalterMorning & Evening Prayer - Philip Newell
This prayer book draws you deeply into stillness & silence. Really beautiful prayers.
Susan Gaddis
Celtic Daily Prayer--my morning coffee & bedtime prayer book;
The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George G. Hunter III--awesome book;
The Path of Celtic Prayer by Calvin Miller--great application stuff;
Listening for the Heartbeat of God by J. Philip Newell--very helpful in understanding the history of Celtic spirituality;
The Celtic Way of Prayer & Every Earthly Blessing by Esther De Waal;
The Pattern of our Days by Kathy Galloway;
Edward C. Sellner's two books on Celtic Soul Friends and his great book on Wisdom of the Celtic Saints--for stories of the Celtic saints.
Thanks for compiling a list for us all to glean from. I'm looking forward to your blog list.
Glenna Sloan
Carmina Gadelica.
Sister Fidelma series by Peter Tremayne
Quaker Abbey
Glenna, I had a summer reading club meet at my home last year and they are still passing the Fidelma series among others at All Saints Episcopal Church here in Portland, Oregon. I gave them deep background for each session and gave handouts. We'd just done one of the Philip Newell books in the spring term.
Rosalyn Smaill

In the order in which I came across them, my favourite Celtic books are:
Celt & Saxon - the Struggle for Britain by Peter Beresford Ellis, a refreshing look at British history
Exploring Celtic Spirituality, by Ray Simpson
Celtic Fire, by Robert van De Weyer
Celtic Daily Prayer, Northumbria Community
They are all, in my mind, worth reading, exploring, praying. I hope you enjoy them!

Liz Babbs
No one has mentioned David Adams' books of Celtic prayers. They are very popular here.
Plus my thanks to Hans Erdman who has uncovered a Celtic children's book St. Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus by Mike McGrew and Marnie Saenz Litz (Illustrator)

What are your favourite Celtic books?

Folk are beginning to ask me what other Celtic books I'd recommend. So I thought I'd pick your brains and ask you which books you particularly enjoyed, as there is such a range out there. I even have another gift book The Celtic Heart (Lion Hudson 2003) which has been very popular, with free CD of original Celtic instrumental music composed by my friend Simeon Wood. Simeon is a professional Christian musician who even performs on the QE2! The CD is a beautiful weave of Celtic whistles, flute, pan pipes etc. Simeon and I performed Celtic Heart for many years as a concert presentation, taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can buy it from Amazon or get a signed copy direct from my website

Relax to the beautiful evocative Celtic song 'Skellig'

Many thanks to James C Elliot who posted this link on my Facebook page. It is a YouTube video set to the music of Loreena McKennitt's 'Skellig'. Skellig is an ancient Celtic monastic settlement in Ireland that I am dying to visit. I mention it in Celtic Treasure. The video is wonderfully evocative with beautiful music and has some great lyrics and visuals. It really transported me into the presence of God. Enjoy!

Celtic Prayer for Writers

As I spend much of my time writing, this beautiful Celtic prayer is especially meaningful. I first spotted it in the book Celtic Fire by Robert Van de Weyer (DLT, London 1990) .

The Scribe
My hand is weary from writing; my sharp quill is not steady; as its tender tip spits it dark, blue stream, the words which are formed on the page are jagged and uncertain.

O Lord, may it be your wisdom, not my folly, which passes through my arm and hand; may your words take shape upon the page. For when I am truly faithful to your decision, my hand is firm and strong.

Let me never write words that are callous or profane; let your priceless jewels shine upon these pages.