Friday, July 10, 2009

Am just packing up and preparing for the Scottish launch of Celtic Treasure. I'm speaking and leading workshops at the International Christian Dance Conference in St Andrews. Britain will be dancing to my prayer from Celtic Treasure 'On Lindisfarne' which I will be voicing 'live' with music. Can't wait to meet and worship with 300 plus dancer from across the world.

Here's the prayer, taken from page 19 of Celtic Treasure

On Lindisfarne
On Lindisfarne
walking in the footsteps
of Saint Cuthbert
I know I an standing
on Holy Ground.
Sacred steps that prayed,
And their memory lingers on....
An inspirational presence
saturating the landscape
with the holiness
of the one
Liz Babbs

Eccentric Author Photo!

Thought you might like this photo. It's very author eccentric and was taken by one of my friends when I was packing up after the book signing. Someone was horrified because they thought I was smoking in a Christian bookshop! It's a lollipop - honest!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

God sends bagpipes & kilt to launch Celtic Treasure

Had a great day signing Celtic Treasure in my home town Nottingham today. I couldn't believe it, because when I arrived, I could hear bagpipes. I had just commented on Facebook that I wished I'd got a Scottish bagpipe player there. And there he was, just metres away and so here's the photo. Wasn't God good to send me such a Celtic asset! We had great fun after celebrating in the oldest pub in England, 'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem' afterwards.