Friday, October 2, 2009

Celtic Prayer for Writers

As I spend much of my time writing, this beautiful Celtic prayer is especially meaningful. I first spotted it in the book Celtic Fire by Robert Van de Weyer (DLT, London 1990) .

The Scribe
My hand is weary from writing; my sharp quill is not steady; as its tender tip spits it dark, blue stream, the words which are formed on the page are jagged and uncertain.

O Lord, may it be your wisdom, not my folly, which passes through my arm and hand; may your words take shape upon the page. For when I am truly faithful to your decision, my hand is firm and strong.

Let me never write words that are callous or profane; let your priceless jewels shine upon these pages.


  1. A lovely musician Viv Neville writes, we must worship our Creator rather than our creation.

    Keltic Ken

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Liz


  3. Am delighted to have folk commenting on my blog. Yippeeeee! Thanks, Gail and Ken. And yes, like the Celtic Christians, we worship the Creator not the created.


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