Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celtic Treasure launches in America today

I thought with the launch of Celtic Treasure in America today, I'd share something of my journey in writing this book.

My interest in Celtic Christianity came as a result of visiting Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and Iona ( a Scottish island) eight years ago. I was so affected by the overwhelming presence of God in these sacred places that it resulted in me changing the content and title of the gift book I was working on from 'Reflections', to 'The Celtic Heart' (Lion Hudson 2003)! This book has since sold thousands of copies and become my best-selling book, even being published in German by Random House.

Now to level with you about Celtic Treasure. To be honest, I was not looking to write another Celtic book, but God had other ideas. He stopped me in my tracks and gave me a 'picture' of an ancient monastic archway, like the one in this photo of Lindisfarne Priory (founded by St Aidan AD 635). Through this archway, all kinds of folk, who weren't Christians, were coming to God. Some were even dancing and celebrating his presence. And so Celtic Treasure (Lion Hudson 2009) was born. I had an amazing time writing it and it really strengthened my faith.

Those Celtic Saints rock, and without their radical ministry, Britain would not have been a Christian country. No wonder so many folk look to Celtic Christianity for inspiration today.
Celtic Treasure is released across the US today into all kinds of book shops, and I am very excited to see what God will do. Writing is such an adventure with God in control.


  1. I am an American girl with Irish blood in my viens planning my first trip to Ireland in the spring of 2010. I'm praying God has many things to say to me while in my spiritual, ancestral homeland.

    Now I'm off to purchase your book. I have read Tracy Balzer's "Thin Places: An Evangelical Journey into Celtic Christianity". I loved that book and find myself referring back to it often.

  2. Wow, how amazing. I'm going to do the same in 2010 and spend and extended period of time in Ireland. We must compare notes.

    I don't know Tracy's book. I will have to look it up. I hope you enjoy Celtic Treasure. Let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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