Thursday, March 11, 2010

Top 10 things you might not know about St Patrick!

We're heading towards St Patrick's Day, so I thought I'd ask fellow author Cindy Thompson who is American and knows a lot about St Patrick to give our St Patrick's top 10.

Top Ten Things You might not know About St. Patrick

1.  He wasn't Irish. He was a British Roman, possibly born in Wales.
2.  He did not drive the snakes from Ireland (not literally).
3.  He first came to Ireland as a slave.
4.  He returned to Ireland years after escaping because of a dream.
5.  He was not the first Christian in Ireland.
6.  He was not the first bishop sent to Ireland.
7.  His traditional burial place is in Downpatrick with St. Brigid and St. Columba.
8.  There are two original writings that survive: Confession and Letter to Coroticus.
9.  St. Patrick's Breastplate, attributed to him, was written in a later time period.
10. There is no proof that he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity, but no proof that he didn't.

Many thanks to Cindy Thompson who wrote 'Celtic Wisdom' (Lion Hudson 2009).


  1. Scottish Jean Hess and myself do not believe that St Patrick was born in Wales, but between England and Scotland.
    What makes you think that he might have been born in Wales, Cindy?

  2. Well, it's only a guess that came from the books I've read. I've heard people say it was England or it was Scotland, but most of what I read said "possibly modern day Wales." And that's what I shared here. If you know something more definite, please share.

  3. Thanks, Cindy. Neither of us think it fits that he could have been born in Wales in terms of his kidnapping etc.


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