Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celtic Treasure in Concert!

Time is marching on. In just 2 days until the premiere of Celtic Treasure as a meditative concert. I can't wait. But I'm also nervous. Will folk think I've included enough detail, the right visuals, music etc? You can't overload a concert presentation with too many words. In fact, the art is to include the minimum of words - just enough to set the context for each theme and then weave the right prayers and poems across the music. The words and instrumental music need to work seamlessly together like a sacred dance. The concert as a whole needs space to breathe, opportunities to reflect, as well as times to join in the sense of celebration that so characterises Celtic Christianity. 

As part of that celebration I've been learning how to play the Bodrum drum to accompany one of the concert jigs. I only managed to borrow one the other day days and so I'm not particularly skilled at it yet, in fact, I'm still learning how to keep hold of the beater so that it doesn't fly out of my hand! But then, Celtic spirituality is all about joining in, you don't need any qualifications, you just need to let go and enjoy being fully alive! 

Simeon Wood will be playing music from his composition 'Across the Blue Sea' which was inspired by St Columba and his missionary travels to Iona and beyond, and he'll be playing a whole range of instruments (plus his bass flute, which American Airlines have just returned)! We hope that folk will catch our passion for Jesus, too, and see how our Celtic journey has both enriched and deepened our faith.


  1. Hi Liz

    First concert on St Piran's Day, national patron of Cornwall? Purra dha! (Well done!)

    Oll an gwella/all the best

    Andy Phillips


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