Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Remembering St Brigid (450 - 523AD)

Yesterday was St Brigid's Day. St Brigid is an inspiring women and one mentioned in Celtic Treasure. So I thought I'd share with you a brief description of St Brigid taken from the Northumbria Community's wonderful new website:
St Brigid was inspired by the teaching and preaching of St Patrick from an early age. In her late teens she decided that she wanted to give her life to Christ and to become a nun, much to her father's disapproval. Whatever her father's thoughts of her, Brigid was a generous and deeply faithful woman who could never refuse the poor. She freely gave away her father's possessions, milk and flour to anyone in need. Eventually Brigid's father became so frustrated with her that he decided to sell her to the King. They journeyed to the castle, and while Brigid waited at the castle gates for her father to negotiate with the King, a beggar came along asking for alms. Brigid at once gave him her father's jewel-encrusted sword. On hearing of this the King declared that he could never buy Brigid. 'She's too good for me' he said, 'I could never win her obedience'. Her father realised that the place for Brigid was a convent.
Brigid led a group of women who had also decided to become nuns, and she asked Bishop Mel to bless their taking of the veil. The Bishop saw the Spirit of God descending on Brigid and called her forward. Laying hands on her, he said, 'I have no power in this matter. God has ordained Brigid.' Mel then proceeded to read the rite of consecration for a Bishop over Brigid.
In 470 Brigid founded the Abbey at Kildare, a double monastery for monks and nuns. She became famous for many things, but most of all for her hospitality and welcome.

Brigid's Grace
God bless our food;
God bless our drink. 
And keep our homes and ourselves
in Your embrace, O God.

(Click on the link to the Northumbria Community in my Blog List to see their new website and blog.)


  1. Great article, Liz. I love it when you keep us up on feast days and the personality that makes it special.

  2. Susan, you are such a wonderful gift of encouragement to me. Bless you.

  3. I love the way it was her father’s possessions that she gave away. I’m sure she was also generous with her own possessions, but I can understand her father’s frustration with her!

  4. I know what you mean, Ian!


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