Thursday, June 25, 2009

Iona lyricist Cindy L Spears says Celtic Treasure is the best Celtic Christian book on the market

"After reading your book I was deeply moved, encouraged and blessed. I say this most sincerely: this is the best Celtic Christian book I have read on the topic. Why? You have pulled out all the treasures of the history of Celtic Christianity and written it in such a way everyone, no matter their background, can understand and embrace all the beautiful truths. You have carefully, in true Celtic form, woven the many threads of the saints, the beliefs, the poetry, the music, the inspiration, the Word-- in short, all the foundational elements into a beautiful inspiring explanation of the importance of this culture. This culture which you and I and so many love and admire for its totality needs to be shared by more. Reading this reminded my heart of so many things we often lose in the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Thank you for writing this - it is so well written! The photos, too, wonderfully accent and heighten the experience of the words.

Do you know, over and over again, I kept thinking of many of the lyrics I have written that echoed your own words and the words of the saints? And I was very much reminded of how I felt when I was in Ireland standing on many of those cliffs feeling the centuries of prayers that went up for the Celtic people. It is such a universal thing isn't it: that need for oneness and unity of spirit and the desire to explore our roots. Liz, it is a true honour to be included in this collection as it very much represents my beliefs and heart." Cindy L Spear

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