Friday, June 12, 2009

First Reader feedback on Celtic Treasure

I always love hearing from my readers. This is my first comment, received this morning, from Gill, who lives in Oxford, England:
Thank you so much for posting my book so quickly. I am thrilled with it – it is a really beautiful book, and I will be buying more copies for family and friends.
I was interested in your introduction saying about your box of family treasures and the similarities you've draw between what we inherit from our family ancestors and ancestors in the faith. When I went to Iona in 2006 it was following the death of my father, and was a really important part of the healing process for me. I was amazed how God used that time to bring my family feelings and faith together, and it has had a lasting effect. I think if I had had your book then, it would have been an even richer experience.
Anyway, thank you again – not just for this brilliant book, but all you do. You are a true inspiration.


  1. I'm so confident that I will like the book and want to buy copies for friends that I haven't ordered one book - I've ordered three.

  2. There's faith! Bless you and thanks. Let me know what you think of it. Have just put up video promo.


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