Saturday, February 9, 2013

Transformed by the Presence of Jesus - Fastest selling Lent book!

The response to my book Transformed by the Presence of Jesus is incredible. It's selling like hot cakes and is the fastest selling Lent book CWR have ever published. It has gone into reprint even before Lent starts! But don't worry, I have plenty of copies in my website shop

Those of you studying my Lent course will need at least 1 Transformed by the Presence of Jesus CD or download per study group. It is only available from my website. The CD has been designed to be used alongside the book and is important in helping folk go deeper with God. 

I'm also excited to see God at work in the pre tour Transformed events I've led. Many folk have experienced significant breakthroughs in their relationship with God which is wonderful. God is on the move!  

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