Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you need space?

Okay, I have to admit that the space in yesterday's post really annoyed me. Blogger just simply doesn't behave when I use it. Everyone else seems to have perfected blog layout except me. No matter how I changed and re-posted my blog yesterday, that space appeared under the title. And what was worse, every time I changed it, it grew!

But it was a timely reminder, though, of one of things that most of us need most in our daily lives - SPACE. So it's great to be reminded of it visually. I once heard performance poet Jude Simpson say, "The space between the letters is spelt GRACE." And she is right. We need God's grace to live our lives at his pace and that requires that we put an extra letter in front of that word PACE and become more aware of our need for SPACE. Jesus took time and space to be with his dad, so how much more do we need time with our heavenly Father. 

A friend of mine calls her time out with God her 'cave time' after the prophet Elijah. During her 'cave time' she finds a way to have some 'alone time' away from work and a busy family life. Often she has to leave the house and go for a walk to get that 'cave time', but once she's had it, she's able to face life again.

Do you need some SPACE or 'cave-time'? 

Click to hear my 20 second poem SoulSpace

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