Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meditation on Psalm 139

I'm delighted that so many folk are enjoying my new video on YouTube, especially during this busy season. So just take 5 minutes now and allow God to enfold you in his love. (Words and music taken from The Celtic Heart).


  1. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for the 'unders and overs' which spoke volumes to me.... Temporarily housebound so utube fab idea!
    Do you know the chocolate shop (not it's real name) on St Ann's well road, was the old cavendish cinema, from town before you get to the Chase on the left. It has funny opening times but cheap choc, some nearly or out of date or just not sellng. Sells lots of other stuff, ends of lines etc. Got lots of tools recently for my son-in-law, smelt awful, possibly retrieved from a fire .. You will either hate or love!!!! xviv e.

  2. I happened on this quite by accident... if indeed there are any accidents in life. It spoke to me very deeply. I was first attaracted by the reference to our roots seeking the rich soil of God's love.
    Thank you Liz. I've ordered your book from my local book store.
    Ontario Canada

  3. I'm so pleased you found this video helpful. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.
    Writing about the 'unders and overs' was very healing for me. I was thinking of a Celtic knot and that it had no end - everything was weaved together in our lives (the good and the bad).
    So pleased you found the reference to sending our roots down deeper into the rich soil of God's love helpful. Bless you for ordering my book.


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