Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celtic Hospitality

I love it when readers write to me and tell me about their favourite poems or sections from my books. When I write them, I'm never sure which parts will 'speak' to people. Patty Facebooked me to tell me how much she was enjoying the section on hospitality. The Celtic concept of hospitality is a very biblical one - to be God's loving welcome to the stranger. Tomorrow, I'll share with you one of my favourite Celtic hospitality runes which picks up on this theme.

Patty also mentioned that she loved my poem. So I thought I'd share that poem with you. It's based on a shape poem. I love writing shape poems because I'm such a visual writer. Shape poems have an immediacy and simplicity too. I'd love you to send me any shape poems you've written.

Love of God
Help me to be kind
To see the needs of the poor.
Spirit of God
Help me
To be
So that I might see
You more.
Liz Babbs

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  1. Am filling in this comment in for Patty as she can't remember her password so she emailed me her comment:

    "I like the shape of the poem and the words. That's what captured my attention. I love things that are not the usual."


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